Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I Need To Learn To Crochet

I'm fairly certain these give you super powers, so we could become a seriously awesome reality tv show cross between Wonder Woman and The Brady Bunch. 

And then when we start racking in truly ridiculous amounts of money just for letting a tv crew full of cameras in our house when I'm cranky and have the plague flu and start yelling a lot in the mean mommy voice about why the hell are you even awake and no you cannot get up it's 3 o'clock in the morning and if both of you don't go back to sleep right now there will be NO crime fighting OR chocolate chip cookies tomorrow and I really mean it, I can totally afford to buy that seriously awesome custom built tree house for us to live in when we're not touring across the country and being paid even more ridiculous amounts of money just to let people look at us and snap a few pictures.

Yep, sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan to me. Now I just need to go buy some yarn..... lots and lots of yarn..........


  1. OMG - I could totally see me & my 13 y/o going to family functions in something like this!

    But yours would be better, since you'd have 2 little sidekicks!


  2. Oh those are FANTABULOUS!!! Yes, you need a set of three for sure!