Saturday, August 6, 2011

Artist in the Making: Family Portrait

Last week Kristina drew this delightful family portrait of us.

She was happy to explain to me who everybody was as she drew them (which I conveniently added in as labels for you all), and even remembered to give most of us fairly advanced people representation characteristics, such as arms and hair.

(Yeah yeah, I ended up bald. But that's ok, because she forgot to give herself arms.)

She also made all of us happy! Now, to the average layperson viewing this masterpiece, the individuals portrayed may not look particularly happy, but let me assure you that those are in fact her renditions of smiling faces. Her frowning faces are clearly upside down horseshoe in appearance, and these are definitely not those. Plus she said we were happy when I asked, so that means we are.

She is still drawing Adrianna how I drew her into the family as a newborn, but my comments to her about this and Adrianna's no longer newborn-baby-wrapped-in-a-blanket present state were rebuffed with an artist's self-superior flair, so I'm assuming she knows what she's doing purposefully portraying her little sister as the perpetual baby of the family.

I anticipate this one being a main display piece in the childhood collection of her presidential library, and plan on taking steps to preserve it accordingly.

You know, once it's turn on the fridge is up.

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  1. Hm, it looks to me like her arms have detached from her body and are on their way to hug/attack Adrianna. You're still bald, though. :)