Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Anticipation

Kristina has been all about the birthdays the last few months after being invited to several parties for little friends of hers.

And so, I succumbed to her presumption of having a party and went about finding her the cutest economically priced birthday party theme possible.

(Ok, it was fun!)

However, at the last minute when I was getting it all together to order, I started feeling guilt for not consulting Kristina on what she wanted. After all, she will be turning 4 and certainly has an opinion about much of life, I really should let her voice it about her own party, right? And really, does it matter to me which pink theme she picks out from the discount party supply website? Ok, I'll wait and ask her tomorrow.

But you know what? SHE picked out one of the original two I had selected for her! So, I totally wasn't too far off on my 'picking out what my child would like' radar, which makes me feel pretty good.

And then a week later the magical box of birthday supplies appeared! Kristina was very excited to see all the pretty pink butterfly themed paper products (although a bit disappointed in Mommy for ordering balloons in colors additional to pink), and is eagerly anticipating handing out invitations.

Now, I just have to pick a date/time/place for her party, get the low down from the preschool teachers on which little friends to invite (planning for 6 total friends (so there's gift bags for her and Adrianna), and I know three she wants attending at the moment), and make a pink cake.

[Since pink cake with pink frosting was what she told me when I asked her what type of cake she wanted (thinking something like "chocolate" would be her answer), I'm really glad red food coloring is easy to use.]

And then have a midlife crises on realizing my little baby is going to be FOUR! 

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  1. Red Velvet cake is almost pink, and very chocolatey! Just saying ;)