Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogging 101

I have come to realize a serious downfall in the 'just write whatever you want and call it a post' approach to blogging.

And that is I do just that, and ramble for a bit about whatever happens to be on my mind right then.

(Like now, as I ramble about the lack of discipline and focus in my blogging....)

And although this approach has the nice aspect of a personal journal flavor and allows for cutesy videos to be posted on whim for relatives across the globe, it comes with downsides.

Mainly, a complete lack of disciplined writing on my part.

BlogHer (a convention of big shots in the female blogger world) was last week, and the reason I know about it's existence at all is because many of the writers of the blogs I follow were invited to it. I mean, I already KNEW they were some seriously awesome bloggers since I was following them, but I also started to feel just a teensy bit left out watching some of the cross blog interaction going on between some of my favorites.

So I started thinking about what it would take to get invited to BlogHer.

And quickly concluded that I have no idea the process used to select the various writers.

BUT, I am quite certain that a key component involves some seriously kickass posts getting generated.

I have stopped generating blog posts for the sack of only posting daily if I have no ideas or no time or no energy to get it done, and was surprised that I only seem to be missing a few days here and there and am much happier with what I'm posting up instead.

But I'm still not writing anything truly spectacular. As much as I love over-analyzing the merits of different bumblebee costumes, it's just not generating amazing revelations or even an above average level of humor.

And I think it is because I have no real glaring motivation to do so. I am a specific assignment/hard deadline person when it comes to generating work (or so I like to think), and most of the time that serves just fine for functioning in the world.

But not so much for free-style blogging.

So where I do go from here?


  1. Maybe we, your readers, need to give more feedback on your posts. Funny, interesting or cool.

  2. BlogHer conferences are not by invitation. Anyone can register to attend. We offer more tracks than any other blog conference and maybe it's among those sessions that you can find your answers. :)