Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mountain Child, pt. 2

My children do not have two inches of perfectly manicured grass to play in. In fact, they barely have any grass at all.

There are no sidewalks to learn to ride a bike on.

Wild animals are a real and present danger, and they will master operating a bear-proof trashcan  alongside tying their shoes.

Museums, zoos, and even swim lessons require some serious driving and time commitment.

Neighbors are few are far between.

But they are having daily life experiences very few children have the opportunity to these days.

Have you ever ran through the woods? Leaping over fallen branches, launching off of rocks, dodging tree trunks??

I did. And now I watch Kristina and Adrianna do so.

I remember how exhilarating it was. How my mind instantly put me in another time and place, one of grand adventures and no electricity, where each day was consumed merely with the thoughts of survival and conquering all that was there to conquer.

I hunted squirrels (and (luckily) had rather poor bow making skills), picked berries, tracked mountain lions (ineptly, again probably for the better), built birds' nests, attempted to climb trees (pines are not very climbable, and I had pretty wimpy climbing capabilities in the first place), followed deer trails, collected rocks, braided pine needles, whistled on aspen leafs, and on a few rare occasion even remembered that I was a little girl (who was probably wearing a pink dress and pigtails).

Sometimes the middle of nowhere can be an extremely cool place to live.

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  1. Its like a fairy tale place to grow up in. I had the desert. You didn't just run into the desert. Too many cactus and snakes.