Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Picking Raspberries

August is the season of wild raspberries here in the Colorado mountains, and the girls just love finding and eating the bright berries.

In fact, the activity of raspberry picking (and eating) has even become more fun than playing with dirt the last few weeks.

I remember scouting bushes for the very same red clusters back in my own childhood, and like to reference that memory and my apparent lack of any ill harm as a result whenever that tiny nagging mommy voice starts to wonder whether I should be requiring my children to wash them off before consuming nature.

(I also like to reference the specific incidents of eating dirt and/or ants and/or drinking rain water to dispel any lingering concerns about the quality of nature they're ingesting.)

Kristina is quite capable of helping herself and would utterly fail in the old-fashioned task to bring home a basket full as a result of eating half as many as she picked, but Adrianna loves them even more (despite having less developed finding/picking skills) and can eat them faster than I can retrieve them for her.

At this rate they're growing up real mountain kids indeed. 


  1. "God made dirt, so dirt don't hurt".

    Probably a good thing, since my daughter was always dirty when she was little ! Perfectly happy & healthy now.

  2. berries!! where i grew up we picked mulberries. they were sweet & juicy & i always had the same problem of ever getting enough to fill any sort of container. LOL

  3. Lovely! A friend of mine has raspberries and strawberries growing in her yard and my girls (nd me!) love to pick and eat them!