Friday, August 26, 2011

Pictures of Life

I often wish somebody was just there, taking pictures of the moments in life I want to remember forever.

Those few minutes both the girls were wrapped up in the story I was reading to them as we were all piled together on Kristina's bed, their hair still wet from washing nestled against my chest.

Us walking towards the park, a hand of each of them firmly grasping mine.

That expression on Adrianna's face as she looks back at me when she surprises herself being able to do something for the first time.

Me scooping Kristina into a big hug when she greats me at preschool pickup.

But as we are not featured on reality television and as I am most often the one holding the camera, those pictures are few and far between.

And yet sometimes, even when I don't succeed in capturing exactly what I was trying to, there is still something appealing about the result.

I took this one last week, as we were sitting out on the back patio playing on a warm afternoon. The flash over-exposed, the framing was terrible, and nobody was looking at the camera for me.

But we were all smiling, laughing together at the pure silliness itself of me trying to take a picture of all three of us together.

And in it's own little way, it is 100% perfect. 


  1. It really is 100% perfect. :) Those beautiful moments are what make being a mommy so wonderful.

  2. I think it's absolutely perfect. I have very few photos of me and the boys that I love. I, too, wish I could photograph memories.