Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why I'm Probably Going to Hell: Name Edition

My parents did an interesting thing when they named me.

They named me Martha on paper, as everything from my birth certificate to my camp enrollment form have always read such, while always calling me Marty.

And there were times when I was younger where I wasn't a fan of needing to correct teachers for calling me Martha and request Marty instead, or moments where classmates made teasing remarks about the Martha aspect (middle schoolers are a nasty bunch, just saying....).

But there are also times when it proves useful.

I have been known to go by Martha for work (or in regards to the military) and then can instantly know who is calling me depending on the name they ask for.

And I think I may have even been willing to give up being Marty altogether had I not put it down on some piece of paper for a preferred name when I applied to Cornell, for you see Cornell did this amazing thing and actually put down the students preferred name onto the roster lists they gave to teachers, so everyone just called me Marty through college as well.

And now.... well, now I actually prefer Marty.

Perhaps, someday, I will become that amazing professional and wish to have a more professional name... but right now I'm totally content with my name being what it is.

However, Target is not as cool as Cornell, and even though I put down Marty as a preferred name somewhere on their paperwork as well, everything in the system still has me down as Martha.

Additionally, they had ordered my original name tag before I ever had orientation or made mention of the preference to Marty, so my switching from a "new team member" to a personalized Target id pin was to a Martha one.

(However, they do regain some amount of cool since you can sign up for a new name tag at any time, even if it's just because you lost yours, you just have to wait a few weeks for it to come in. And if you're really bad about loosing them, you can even put down x2 or x3 and get a whole pile of personalized name tags in at once.)

And that meant I TOTALLY knew which team members actually remembered my name from when we were introduced, and which ones were cheating via the name tag.

I formed great respect for those who met me once and whom I don't usually work very closely with and yet who always remembered me as Marty.

And I may have formed a slightly cynical view of some who really should have remembered who I was (*cough* my team leader *cough cough*) and still didn't manage the transition until weeks after I got myself a Marty tag.

But, since I still regularly cheat on my co-workers' names via the all important and ever present Target name tag, I suppose I could cut humanity some slack occasionally. 

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