Monday, August 29, 2011

Why the Teenage Years are Going to be Fun

I have been giving some thought to the teenage years ahead of me.

I doubt they will be easy, since nothing so far has been anything less than challenging, and I'm really pretty sure parenthood only gets worse the farther you go until.... um............ yeah....

Wait, why do people procreate again? 

Quick, cute baby distraction time!!

Phew! That was a close one.

(You still want to procreate, right?? I can always bring out the super big guns and throw up some videos of giggling babies... I mean, NO ONE can resist a baby baby laughing hysterically over simple antics!) 

But I'm also very curious how much their personalities will be holding true 12 years from now.

My prediction is that Kristina will be the one screaming and slamming doors, while Adrianna will be the one sneaking out of her bedroom window.

Kristina is loud and makes a big show of things, but it really is Adrianna you have to watch out for. 

And I have proof.

You see, I took this video the girls playing in the woods (ok, to preface it I really should tell you I had just given Kristina her first lesson in peeing in the woods, which is what she started to talk/sing about and then changed her mind) and Kristina was carrying on the way she does as the main attraction.

And then Adrianna totally goes and flashes the camera.

Yep. The teenage years are going to be fun. 



  1. Your girls are so adorable! Still wanting to procreate.

    Send them my way when you get sick of them.

  2. Yeah, the first time Q ran into her room, slammed the door, and wailed "I'll never be happy again!" I looked at Tim and said "isn't this about ten years ahead of schedule?" Apparently not. ;)