Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Passports

The ever awesome cousins LauraJean and Tim welcomed little baby Maya into the world just over a week ago (YAY!), but because they are US citizens presently living in Nicaragua one of the very first things they need to do is get little newborn her a passport.

Plus they already have plane tickets to be stateside this fall for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, because really, trick-or-treating, turkey and pumpkin pie are SO worth it. Oh, and there might be some "family time" thing sneaked in there too, but I really think they planned the trip just for the plethora of pie the last week (mmmm... pie.....). And a chance to remember what cold weather is. And indoor plumbing that includes hot water, as I'm sure it's easy to forget what that's like when living without it in the tropics.

LauraJean's commenting about needing to get the baby passport for Maya made me think of the girls' baby (albeit not nearly as tiny of a baby as Maya) passports. They both have them, although they have yet to travel internationally (which I'm kinda hoping to change with a trip to someplace tropical come, oh say, February....)

However, there is one aspect of their passport baby photos which is especially cool: I personally took both of them!!

Admittedly, Kristina's came out a little better as it was taken with professional equipment and lighting during my (very) brief tenure as a photographer at the Sears Portrait Studio (also, it was my first non-practice passport photo), while Adrianna's was done balanced in the poorly lit stairwell (which ultimately caused the flash to over-expose) since it was the only plain white wall in the house.

And you know what? Taking passport photos is EASY!

The only challenge is needing to make sure all the requirements are met, which might take a try or two for the novice, but if you're feeling frugal (or really just trying to save a little cost when you have to get, say, a family of 4 all done at once) it's really not hard to do as long as you have a camera and marginally-photo-quality printer on hand.

So I have a challenge for any exceptionally bored or otherwise unoccupied readers out there. I want to see if the untrained and unpracticed you really can successfully get a passport worthy photo with minimal time and personal aggravation like I think you can. Go grab that nearest small squirmy child (or like, cat....), and lets get clickin'!  

The requirements for taking US passport photos are as follows:

Front profile with both ears showing.

The background must be solid white.

The total size of the picture must be 2 inches square, with the head being between 1" and 1 3/8" long (and yes, they check that with a ruler when you turn in the application).

And you must have two of them.

Yep, that's it. I told you it wasn't all that hard! Now go get 'em (and let me know the results)!!

A few child specific tips: if the baby is too small to hold their head up comfortably, take the picture while standing over them laying on a white sheet or blanket on the floor. Also, if you're sitting a small child up on a stool like many places who take passport photos due, make sure someone holding onto them, kids spontaneously fall off of stools like nobody's business.

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  1. We spent this afternoon doing just this. The tricky part was getting them printed - we had to go to two places and we're not quite sure that either one of them did it right. We'll see how it goes...

    Our interview at the Embassy is tomorrow morning, so wish us luck =)