Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Backyard Visitors

After reading about Rachel's precious little backyard bunny over at Grasping for Objectivity, I decided that I needed to write about our backyard visitors.

Now you see, we don't live in suburbia at the moment, but rather in a land only accessed by unpaved mountain roads that doesn't even have pizza delivery (much less cell phone service).

And although there ARE the assorted small chipmunks and mice and bunnies and pika (it's like a mouse cross mated with a chipmunk) around, they are not particularly noteworthy (nor complacent for me photographing their babies) compared to some of our other visitors.

A few years back there was a particularly memorable incident that only my father was around to witness (and he did not properly photograph this event, failing to grasp the awesome blogging opportunity that was awaiting), where a black bear was helping themselves to a particularly lush wild raspberry bush growing next to the house and Diamond, my cat, was vehemently hissing at it from the other side of a screen door.

The bear thought the berries were far more interesting than a little kitty, and eventually went on his happy way after cleaning out the bush. The cat was lucky to still be in one piece, and the bushes growing up right next to the house were removed.

So I was all set to personally capture the awesomness that nature delivers into our backyard on a regular basis for you wonderful viewers.

And then, I waited for the perfect photo opportunity.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

I missed some elk running up the driveway from a lack of camera one time, and my father was not supportive of my idea of leaving some bear-attracting goodies (aka, garbage can) conveniently placed right in front of the window outside.

But I preserved, and finally got the perfect (well, at least a photogenic herbivore) backyard visitor!

A male deer, also helping himself to the ripe raspberries with a few of his less photogenically positioned buds.

Yep, I totally could have brought home the bacon venison from the living room window.

And never fear, a guard cat was on duty for the whole incident!
However, the guard cat on duty was Whispey, and as he's a little more... um..... "laid back" than Diamond, there was no territorial hissing at the invaders.

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