Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Maintenance Stuff

I can't nap now Mom, I'm updating my blog!
As several of you have noticed enough to comment on already, I did change around the color scheme and header for the blog a few days ago (yeah, even *I* was getting burned out on the disgustingly cheerful yellow). The header picture has slightly different dimensions, which the always wonderful (and even for reasons beyond her regularly reading my blog!!) Heather already told me she likes more (and I kinda do too!), but in addition to being shorter so you don't have to scroll down as much just to get past it, it's also just a touch narrower. Which means that when I tweaked the rest of the layout to match it, the sizing messed with the picture/text layout of some of the past posts. Which means some of them now look kinda crappy. So, I'm genuinely sorry about that, but haven't quite felt bad enough to got through and edit a few hundred old posts to make the pictures fit better.

Eh, such is life.

I've been off the one-post-a-day regiment for a bit and it seems to be going pretty well with me continuing to update this crazy thing fairly regularly while still just on my whim. However, I have had a few hiccups recently. I've been publishing more of them in real time (meaning that when I get done writing one, I just hit "publish" instead of scheduling it for noon the next day like I did for the first year+), and would love any feedback you might have as to whether this is something nobody else never even noticed or liked or what not. But it's also caused a couple days of double posting, where I would write one and publish it in the evening, write a second one right then and schedule it for the next day, and then forget that I had scheduled one and write/publish another one that second evening as well.

But hey, it all evens out in the end I'm sure.

I'm also really wanting to get better at responding to comments. I LOVED all the comments on the post where I began by asking how your day was, as it's really kinda cool to get to know who is reading your blog and what their life is and to see why they're here in the first place. So, I've resolved to try and be much better at leaving responses for the comments YOU leave, which I've already done for the last three posts should anybody be interested enough to want to go check that out.

See, you are all so special to me!

Oh, and although it has nothing at all to do with blogging, I spent 20 minutes this evening making sure I could successfully wear my hair in Princess Leia buns for Halloween since I was forbidden from wearing a costume when I asked it's against Target policy for employees to wear costumes of any kind or any dress other than the specified red and khaki uniform. It's really not particularly important, but I thought they came out kinda cool and I'm rather enjoying wearing them right now. And then I wanted to share that excitement with you!

You're all excited now, right?

And last but certainly not least, how was everyone's weekend?? I hope it was a pleasant one :-)


  1. Are you going to stuff cotton in the Princess Leia buns to make them regulation-sized?

  2. Cannot control my excitement. And I need a nap to recover from my weekend.

  3. Please post a picture of the buns. Very hair-envious here. I wasn't able to do much with my hair, well... ever. And after three pregnancies I am able to do nothing but wish I had other people's hair. So, picture, please!