Friday, September 2, 2011

Dayglow Bras and Other Exciting Finds at Target

One of the parts of working at Target that I enjoy the most is getting to see all the amazing things that come into that store.

The down side to this is the urge to buy lots of things, but luckily work burn out has usually set in by the time I'm done with my shift to the point that all I want to do is get out of the store and therefore bypass the always bad for a budget leisurely shopping strolls that seemed so enticing 8 hours earlier.

But I also get to see all sorts of... interesting.... merchandise just doing my job.

Like these dayglow bras. Aren't they just fascinating? Now, from what I've managed to descern from seeing lots of people walking through the store, THE trend these days IS to wear shirts that are so revealing that your bra is a key part of the fashion statement, so I suppose one might as well embrace that fad in neon. They even come in regular AND sports versions!

And just in case you are a fan of matching, Target also carries coordinating neon dayglow socks!

Then we have this delightfully large and gilded snake print Hello Kitty bag. There was an equally amazing sequin silver version as well, but it sold out before I could get a picture. I'm not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, since it either means we received ridiculously limited stock or people were actually buying them. Have YOU seen people carrying around a huge silver sequined Hello Kitty bag??

Watching people try these on and teeter around the shoe section has been truly awesome entertainment. I'm going to be sad when they go away in favor of Ugg knock offs. My favorite was a back-to-college family with two teenage daughters trying them on giggling and the dad just saying "NO". Haven't seen very many of them bought though.... and they even come in black too! Also, they'll probably be going on clearance in the next few weeks, just in case anyone wants cheap footwear to compliment their hooker "sexy" Halloween costumes.

*wink wink*

But lets not forget the kids in all these amazing shopping finds. This particular diversion I actually saw back before I ever started working there, and am still blown away that there is a marketed game of Beer Pong directed towards children.

Incidentally, Target also sells bags of plastic cups and ping pong balls at excellent prices. In fact, for fifteen bucks you could throw in a package of Sharpies to add your own mediocre graphics and a six back of low-alcohol beer. Or twelve pack of Mountain Dew, if you're, like, the age these appear to be marketed towards.


  1. oooh! my nephews have that cuponk game & it's pretty cute. and no beer involved...! LOL

  2. Oh man. DayGlo undergarments. My daughter would be in heaven! She wears tank tops a lot, so her bra straps always show. And she'd go nuts over the socks. The more mismatched, the better!

  3. Awesome. Yes, I've seen a lot of the dayglow bras - being worn. Ick. And they have the matching socks, but what about the panties? Are those bras supposed to be worn commando only??

  4. I actually bought a pair of those shoes that were sparkly gold. I think they are fantastic. I would love to know if those get on clearance, I would totally buy some. (Despite the fact I really probably shouldn't...)