Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Come My Family Doesn't Have a Victorian?

I recently came across this article HERE through the interwebs (thanks Rachel!) about a family discovering a forgotten Victorian-era kitchen in their basement, which ended up being an exceptionally well-preserved relic from the bygone time.

And although I've always been a bit fascinated by older houses and enchanted by the history people find in them (and potential secret passage ways and lost treasures and hidden rooms and forgotten gardens), this particular story caught my interest for other reasons.

Namely, how the family came into possession of the house in the first place, as the estate had been in the family for generations, just being passed down every 40 years or so.

How come my family hasn't been passing down an old Victorian mansion for the last few hundred years??


  1. I admit that I am a bit miffed at the things that are not passed down in my family. Stocks, bonds, jewelry, a beach house, etc. I suppose I am descended from a long line of selfish bastards.

  2. I quite agree. Where's my lake cabin? My estate jewelry? My farm? What the hell?