Thursday, September 22, 2011

How NOT to Pose for Pictures

A few days ago, Kristina wanted to take a picture of Adrianna and me.

Adrianna was less than humoring of her, and in a valiant attempt to simultaneously keep both children happy, I started holding Adrianna upside down. She always giggles like crazy at this antic, and will usually keep asking to do it again and again, and therefore also be staying with me while giving Kristina an opportunity to work the camera.

Well.... it was a little more complicated than anticipated. Mostly because Adrianna is getting bigger and very good at her go-go-gadget extendy arms complete with death grip once her object of desire is attained.

So it yielded such amazing photogenic gems as this one, where I'm attempting to extract the doll stroller from the upside down baby's crampons.

Yep, we'll just file that one under "model parenting" and call it good.

On the upside, Kristina has REALLY been improving with her framing of photos, as this one wasn't cropped at all so that good centering was all her AND she even included great artistic details like my head.


  1. That's a really good picture by Kristina!!

  2. that is terrific! i love giving leyton the camera. he comes up w/ some pretty interesting shots! keep up the creative parenting, marty! :)

  3. I love it!! It really is a fantastic photo.

    The word "crampons", however, is throwing me for a loop. I think you've coined a new term...

  4. Unfortunately, even as awesome as I am, I cannot take full credit for the word crampons. However, I *might* be the first to use it while describing a baby...