Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Missoni Mishap

Target Corporation occasionally features various specialty lines, the most recent of which would be the Italian designer Missoni for Target fall collection.

[Side note about the link: At the end of the pictures there is a bike that is NOT the same as the bike we had in the store, as the one we had was black and white (much like the shower curtain in the commercial), I'm not sure whether the stock was changed post creating the "look book" or whether there were two styles ultimately released.]

It was anticipated to be a big seller, and there were conversations about it at huddle (like a staff meeting, but often with treats and done standing around in a big blood clot conglomerate somewhere on the sales floor) in the weeks beforehand.

Admittedly, much of the conversation revolved around various Team Members thinking the collection was ugly as sin a little lacking aesthetically, but personal opinions like that don't really matter to management.

(Especially when it's people in the management level voicing them the loudest....)

We also repeatedly talked about how the collection was not to be out on the floor in ANY circumstance before it's release date this past Tuesday, and that there had been a near disaster two weeks prior when a zebra-on-LSD looking bike and a pair of groovy rainboots somehow ended up briefly on the sales floor.

(But don't worry, you couldn't have bought them anyways since they were locked out on the register system.)

And then, the much anticipated Tuesday September 13th rolled around.

And the entire collection pretty much sold out instantaneously across the nation.

Or so I heard. As Tuesday is one of my regular days off, I never even SAW any of the collection beyond the tv commercial for it, a few pairs of shoes and rainboots that were still in the store as of yesterday, and that stupid zebra-on-LSD bike that had been hanging up on the bike rack in the backroom for the weeks prior.

The popularity of it was astounding, as the demand also temporarily crashed the Target website in people's insane rush to buy it.

And the Mossimo collection is  G-O-N-E. That's right, we're not supposed to be getting another shipment of stock in. Period.

So, I'm rather sorry if you still wanted something from it, I think most people are going to have to be looking at paying double on eBay for it at this point.

Good luck.


  1. Wow. I knew nothing about this, and still don't care =P

  2. Went to my local Target today, and they still have items from this collection. Still not interested, lol.
    Also, realized my first comment sounded very grouchy. Sorry. Am very sleepy =(

  3. I wasn't dying for the collection, but I thought about picking up some accent pieces or a not-too-fugly jacket or dress. Gone, baby, gone. It's ok, I didn't need it away.