Monday, September 12, 2011

The Most Wonderful Place

There is one particular aspect of work that I have been enjoying the most.

No, it's not the employ discount and inside scoop on all things Target.

No, it's not spending 40 hours a week interacting with other adults instead of hanging out with my children.

No, it's not even having a paycheck and a very faint feeling of somewhat getting my life back together.

No no, my FAVORITE part about work is my lunch break.

But you see, it's not for the usual cliche reasons of the rest of my day being crummy or hating my bosses or whatever.

(I've actually been enjoying my job quite a bit most days.)

My lunch break is my favorite time of the day because according to Colorado law I WILL get 30 minutes (unpaid) time off between my 4th and 5th working hours.

Irregardless of what is going on inside of that building, I MUST clock out on lunch and must NOT do any work during that time.

If I'm going to be in the store, it's highly encouraged that I either wear another shirt underneath my signature red or bring a hoodie to pull on over it, because I should NOT be answering people's questions or dealing with any work related tasks during my lunch break.

Do you know how incredibly awesome it is to be forced to go take a break in the middle of the day?!?

(Do you know how much BETTER motherhood would be if you got a guaranteed 30  minute lunch break every day??)

And at the moment I have the most wonderful break place to hide out in! Target does provide a reasonable break room for employees (and during the back to school chaos they even regularly stocked it with all sorts of food-like goodies) with a couple fridges and microwaves and an assortment of tables and chairs.

But the TV is always on (and in recent times it's been without cable, so it's nearly always tuned to infomercials in the morning and cheesy soaps around noon since apparently those are the only things on the three or so free channels one can get these days) and there's usually lots of people around talking loudly about things I don't really care about at all.

It may not look like much, but I think it's just wonderful.
And then they like to start talking to me........

So I have taken to hiding out to fully enjoy my respite from dealing with life (yeah, that includes making polite conversation since I get to do that with strangers most of the day already, no offense friendly fellow workers). There is this most delightful space behind some stone half walls out in front of the building that they use to store shopping carts overnight where no-one can see me if I'm sitting down. And despite being next to the parking lot, it's surprisingly quiet back there. There are a couple little decorative trees planted on the other side which lend good shade in the afternoon, along with the very slight allusion of being somewhere other than in a concrete box. The only other people who wander out there are smokers, and most of them would prefer to be left to themselves even more than I would as best I can judge. Admittedly, they are also the main cause of the ground being a bit on the dirty side, but I've noticed them now often tossing their butts on the other side of the wall since I started taking up residence sitting back there (and I'm quite certain I've touched much more disgusting things in relation to my children with my bare hands than what my panted ass might find on that ground, so it really doesn't bother me as much as perhaps it should).

And you know what else?

I get two (count them, TWO) other 15 minute (paid!) breaks during an 8 hour shift, where I also find much solace and personal respite back behind the wall with a good book and perhaps a cookie.

(Ok, so needing to walk by the check lanes on my way out of the building every break is not the most ideal situation, as the check lane goodies are often so appealing....)

My only fear is what I will do come wintertime, as I'm kinda wussy about sitting out in the cold and snow, and uncertain about my ability to convince the manager level people to let my use their hardly ever used offices as a private reading nook.

Even if it's just to get the few minutes of needed solitude from the world of noise of chaos.


  1. in the winter time just bring a shovel & a folding chair & you'll be good to go. and actually, if you're using the area where they keep the carts overnight, it should already be shoveled out for you. :)

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying your job, and getting much-needed alone time.

  3. I'm glad you've found a space to claim. Kinda sad that Target doesn't provide a place to put cigarette butts though.