Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pink Bedding, Target Style

A few of the more dedicated readers may recall my posts about Kristina's request for a pink room and my quest to find the perfect facilitators of such.

Namely, pink bedding. 

Rather disappointingly, it's not looking like that pink room is going to be materializing in our new house nearly as soon as I would like it to, mostly on account of housing being expensive around here and my job just not paying very much.

Never-the-less, I have spent much time eyeballing the children's pink bedding aisle in Target since I started working there, and became very excited the day I was scanning outs (please, somebody who knows what that means, read this and appreciate it) and the computer system told me the collection was discontinued.

Because you know happens after something is discontinued? It goes on CLEARANCE a few weeks later!

Target prices in general are pretty good (read: cheap), and their CLEARANCE can be down right unreal for how little stuff will cost.

So I continued to watch the children's bedding section, and wait.

And then, one glorious morning, the CLEARANCE sign was up!

However, it was not to the super discount level of CLEARANCE yet, and we still had a ton of it coming out of the back (as I personally am responsible for much of the movement of merchandise from the backroom onto the store shelves, I really do often feel as though I have super power knowledge of the products in the store) so I continued to watch and wait.

A few weeks later, another markdown.... that pink bedding was getting very tempting.

In fact, I may have started to think it was pure fate working out just awesomely such that all the delightful aspects of decorating my children's potential future rooms would go on such delightful sale just before the results of the delightful low income housing lottery were posted.

Well, CLEARANCE fate in play or not, I didn't get a lottery slot and despite my best efforts of number crunching and recrunching, either more income HAS to appear from somewhere or there has to be some fairly serious compromises on how much space I think the three of us need to afford independent housing without the highly coveted state assistance.

So.... I looked mournfully at the 50% off pastel quilts, and resigned myself to not needing them just yet.

And then yesterday morning, there was something going on in the bedding section. Why, it was the ever-awesome price change team going through a third time with their CLEARANCE sticker-printer, tagging the very same pink bedding I'd been so captivated by.

Was it really going 75% off already? I had to see, so I did my best to appear focused on my morning task of scanning while bidding my time until I could stealthily sneaked back to the bedding section of the store after they had moved on and took a peak at the new labels.

And yes, they WERE on superduper clearance now!

So after a quick bite to eat later that morning for lunch, I went and did a little impromptu bedding shopping while off the clock and without my red shirt on, and snagged up two ruffley pink quilt sets and two pink birdhouse sheet sets for a grand total of.....


Admittedly, this is post employee discount and redcard savings (and tax), but it was still a pretty killer deal with the markdowns if I do say so myself.

(Feel free to go check out the bedding sets that these are knock offs of here, here, and here and then take a glance at their price tags. I'm sure if I lived in a world where money was no object of concern, I'd be happy to pick out full sets from Pottery Barn Kids on my every whim. But sadly, the cost of sheets really does directly affect my ability to obtain them these days (not to mention details like my children will most probably puke and/or shit on them regardless of the quality), and that means that CLEARANCE knock-offs of things hold substantially more value than their price tag merely because of the potential to actually purchase them in this little world of mine.)

And then I had the fun of finding a higher up boss who would let me stash the haul in their office for the rest of the day, because you know, the lockers are teeny tiny and my car is waaaaay on the other side of the parking lot and walking out to it would so take a while and I totally need to be getting back in from lunch, like, right now.....

*puppy dog eyes*

Thanks, management-level-team-member-who-shall-not-be-named-since-I-was-told-I'd-get-in-trouble-for-using-names-on-here who let me do that, I really appreciated it :-)

And now I just need to decide the best way to blow my children's minds with this awesome new pink bedding.


  1. Love it! You'll have to post piocs of how the room turns out.

  2. Seething with jealousy! I so wanted to do a pink bedroom. When newly pregnant with both my boys, I had visions of a shabby chic nursery - but who am I kidding? It would have ended up looking like Barbie vomited Pepto Bismol all over the room. Still, would have been worth it.

  3. @Red - It came out very... PINK! And a blog post about it is on my to-do list ;-)

    @Jill - I know some of my inclination for the pinkness now is because I never managed to get it together to really do a nursery at all for either baby, so I still have that nesting urge. Oh, and guilt, gotta love the guilt. But yes, I'm fairly certain that the "Barbie vomited Pepto Bismol" look is what Kristina keeps asking for, and what kind of mother would I be if I didn't at least make a faint attempt at giving that glorious sight to her??