Friday, September 23, 2011

A Ponderance of Ponies

I have been pondering doing something for a while now.

It is a grave decision for me, and takes me down a road that, once begun, cannot be undone. Future life happiness of all three of us could be seriously affected by this decision to act, and attempting to moderate potential damage would be difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

That's right, I've been seriously considering giving my My Little Pony Celebration Castle to Adrianna for Christmas.

I was a deprived child and did not have the My Little Pony Dream Castle of the '80s (nor the Barbie Dream House, for that matter, but we shan't get into my lacking childhood today), and therefore felt overwhelmingly compelled to purchase the new generation's version during my collecting phase (which probably would have continued much longer had I not gotten slammed into the motherhood phase of life when I did, as I'm still maintaining that My Little Ponies are AWESOME) when it came out.

The castle was truly magnificent, if only because it played the original My Little Pony theme song when one of the magnetic pony hoofs stepped on the magic button. And it was an excellent cornerstone of my pony display during the few months I had the collection up in full.

(That would be during the post-dorm-living-and-before-baby-while-Peter-was-deployed-and-the-space-was-all-MINE period.)

But sadly, it has been residing boxed up in the pony corner of my parents garage for the last 3 years along with most of the rest of the pieces. There are a few ponies floating around that didn't make the pack-up, and a large plush Pinkie Pie that Kristina had already adopted and the girls' love dearly, but the vast entirety of ponies are merely accumulating dust at this point.

And that makes me sad.

They shouldn't be sitting out there collecting dust! I have two little girls who would love to play with them and would create beautiful memories of childhood with those beautiful pastel equestrians! Adrianna in particular has a strong love for the ponies we have out, as well as most any toy that has hair on it. In fact, she constantly sits there and plays with the fake plasticy hair of whichever lovies she's taken to that day.... which is why they all have hair that looks absolutely terrible....... and she'd probably do that to any new ponies that came into her possession...........


But I can't just pull out the castle and NOT a reasonable assortment of ponies to play in it, that's just stupid. And it seems silly to go to great lengths to hunt down an assortment of G3 ponies on eBay just so they'd have some with the magnet in their hoofs to operate the fabulous My Little Pony theme song (no really, it is just EPIC).

And if I pull out the castle, it seems as though I should also pull out the other play-sets for them. There's the amusement park, with a flying pony ride... I bet Kristina would really like that one.... and several cute little shops, with all the little accessories they came with.... which would never again be fully accounted for much less properly sorted and stored with the correct play-set should I give them over to my children.


Not to mention details like the fact that I could pretty much furnish an entire AWESOME Christmas morning for them just with those boxes sitting out in the garage (assuming they don't start hating the color pink before then) and therefore wouldn't have quite the same stress with finances for the season, much less the need to go shopping.


It's a good thing December is still a while away, and my inner Mommy guilt can battle my inner love of my pony collection some more.


  1. Pros (beyond what you've already mentioned): If the pony stuff is out for the girls, it's a perfectly reasonable excuse to play with it and them - bonding!
    Cons: yeah, everything will pretty much be destroyed

  2. you have an awesome pony collection! i remember my friend toni & i had hours & days & months & possibly years of fun w/ the MLP's! my favorites were (and are) the baby ponies. miniature anything makes me happy!

    also, it's been awhile, but i like the new background!

  3. But would you rather have them sitting in a box in the garage, possibly being visited by mice & spiders? Or out in the open when they can be enjoyed (and yes - possibly destroyed) but they'd be destroyed with LOVE !!!

  4. There is no shame in an adult wanting to keep some toys just for her. I certainly am.

    Maybe consider having 1 special (original) pony who can activate the theme song? Do you have one with a music-themed cutie mark? Or, you could have a craft time to cut into one/some of the new ones and add little magnets to their hooves.

    Incidentally, I have been enjoying the new series a fair bit recently. How about you?

    I also like the new background/layout, especially how the picture is a little smaller so I don't have to scroll just to get past it.

  5. I have a Barbie fetish. I was super disappointed to have boys, because I wanted to share my love of Barbie with my girls (and girly books, LIttle House on the Prairie, all think pink, shoes), but sorta relieved because my Barbies are safe until they discover firecrackers.

  6. @Cassi - Lol, yep, we'd be BONDING! And then they'd go whine to Grandma that mommy's not sharing the castle again.

    @carmar - If you look real close at the picture (it gets bigger if you click on it), the ones on the steps are these simply adorable little tiny bug-like ponies (which I'm totally not remembering the technical name of at the moment), which I thought were unbelievably cute in their tiny size :-)

    @Lisa - Loved the "destroyed with LOVE" part!! Too funny!

    @Heather - Horrible pony collector confession: I haven't watched the new series. At all. *hangs head in shame*

    @Jill - I am EAGERLY awaiting the girls getting into chapter books and being able to pull out all my favorites (The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, Little House on the Prarie, Anne of Green Gables, Ramona, et al). I kinda suspect I owe my mother a belated thank-you for making sure I had a well stocked bookcase full of great female protagonists for all my childhood. Oh, and there's a large box of my Barbie collection sitting out in the garage as well.... but at least I have another year on that one of the excuse that the girls (at least the younger half) are too little to bring it out yet!

  7. oh my goodness, you're right! love it!

  8. @Marty - Well, you see, I wasn't sure if fans of the original series would enjoy the new one. Like how fans of the Transformers cartoon pooh-pooh the movies.

    Also, you might consider keeping the accessories separate for a while; aren't they choking hazards for Adrianna right now, anyway?