Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pumpkin Hats

Kristina has had a Gymboree pumpkin hat to wear each fall, with the exception of her newborn year.

One year, it was the only hat she would wear. Period.

Another year was her orange favorite color phase, and it was much beloved for that aspect.

And I have to admit, I'm quite fond of them as well.

In addition to being the cutest little things ever, they're also a remarkably excellent weight for fall days. They wash well, and allowed for easy I-can-do-it-myself putting on even with clumsy toddler fingers.

And last year, I got to have TWO little pumpkin heads, which somehow managed to compound the cuteness ten-fold.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to the Gymboree fall clothing line nearly as much as the Halloween costumes so I could scoop up another pair of pumpkin hats.

(Despite having purchased 3 in as many years, none of them are going to be easily findable any time soon thanks to moving and storage, and even if they were to be found whether we would have the needed sizes is always a question for the ages.)

But wait... what is this? An ugly pumpkin head band instead of the previously always stocked absolutely perfect cotton cable knit pumpkin hat??







BUT WAIT! I shall not despair, for I am armed with the powers of an eBay account and the knowledge that Gymboree outlet stores always care the previous year's lines, which would INCLUDE the pumpkin hats from last year!!

Alrighty then, lets go compare the nearest outlet mall to the going cost on eBay and see which is the.... whaddaya mean $14.95 a piece on eBay?? Damn inflation and crazy parents doing anything for a stupid pumpkin hat.

But man, it would take a whole day to go to the outlet mall, with the kids in tow....... gas getting there, lunch/ice cream/quarter rides, gas getting back..... and I don't even know what they'd be selling them for either. Or if they'd even be there at all!

*twitchy twitch twitch*



  1. Those are adorable. I, myself, have had a thing for buying anything with ears for Clara.../twitch..

  2. Blame the royal wedding - and call the headband a "fascinator."