Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barney the Book Owl

One of the very neat things which Kristina's preschool Over the Rainbow does is send each child home in turn with the special basket containing Barney the Book Owl, a woodland creature story, a class photo album, and a journal for them to add to.

Now admittedly, I may have been *slightly* forlorn to look through the journal and see all the pretty pictures the other children drew (most of which also had detailed paragraphs written in by the parents about the drawings and how much the child liked playing with Barney the Book Owl), while my child proceeded to frantically fill up several pages with wild pink marker scribbles.

But she DID greatly enjoy playing with Barney, and brought him to bed with her for several nights.

However, I had been working a late shift on the day she brought Barney home from school, and therefore hadn't been properly breifed on his arrival to our family since she was in bed already by the time I got home and therefore didn't make formal introductions for us.

And the grandparents totally slacked off on remembering to mention it to me either. 

Which means I met Barney about 2am when Kristina had gotten up to use the bathroom and was stuck trying to work her sleeper zipper while not taking her hand out of the stuffed owl puppet.

And when I asked her "what is that??", she informed me "it's BAAARNEEEEEY", very much with the implied undertone that I'm just being a dope and should totally know who the hell Barney the Book Owl is at 2am when I'm staggering around in a dimly lit bathroom attempting to work a suborn sleeper zipper. 

(If that child knew the word "Duh", she most certainly would have been using it right then.)

It all made a little more sense the next morning when I was both awake and reading the enclosed explanatory insert from Barney the Book Owl's special basket. In fact, it almost seemed like a very cute classroom project.

And then I suggested Kristina color in the previously mentioned journal, and somehow it started to seem a little less cute....

But it's ok, because everyone just LOVES Barney the Book Owl!

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  1. My kid had Ally the alligator. We took Ally to the White House and hid her in the bushes so she could stalk tourists, then she bit me in the face.

    Yes, we are the weird family in the class.