Monday, October 3, 2011

Colors and Time

A few years back, my mother went through a picture overhaul and started doing all sorts of things with various old family photos.

And a few of her projects called for scanning the pictures into the computer.

And a few of those she emailed to me.

And every so often, I come across them when looking for other various things saved in various places on the computer.

This one has an interestingly high amount of ME-ness to it. The expression is one I wore often for photos, and is even the particular smile I personally wanted for my senior picture in high school (although I was overruled for one where I was laughing. I think I look kinda stupid in pictures in which I am laughing. My parents think they're the cutest of them all. Obviously the "parent mind" is at play here).

But the thing that caught my eye most recently was the tutu.

The tutu had been put up for sale in an office window that we passed every day at drop off and pick up at the childcare center I attended.

And my 4 year old little self WANTED that tutu.

My mother said no.

Luckily, she forgot to tell my father about the incident, as I did I when I asked him for it the next day.

Tutu received, life lesson learned.

And oh how I loved that tutu. That tutu was the most wonderful thing in all the world, for YEARS (no really, YEARS) and I was truly distraught when I simply could not manage to get it on any more as I had grown a bit over the 4 or 5 years that I played with it constantly.

But I had not noticed something about that tutu until today.

Do you see that dusty rose/mauvey color that the attached leotard part is? To this day that is probably one of my most preferred colors to get shirts in. I commissioned a custom made hakama in that shade during my stint at the Jade Tiger Dojo. I had a bedroom that color in my later childhood years, and kinda want to make it that color again now (especially since now I don't have to deal with sharing it with a boy, and their whining about not wanting pink floral sheets).

(I'm sure my children at least would be in FULL support of my bed also getting a pink make-over.)

You might even notice a certain blog with a not-overly-dissimilar shade applied to it. 

And yet, I never realized where my liking of that color palate originally came from until now.

Yep, it was the color of most glorious tutu of all.

May it rest in peace.


  1. It is an especially shiny color.. I can see how that could have affected the rest of your life.

  2. Also, I think this should put to rest any doubts about whether or not your daughters resemble you. ;)