Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Confessions of My Day

I took a brief nap this morning instead of writing blog posts.

I know, how could I?

Well, it was actually pretty easy. You see, I'd been laying with Adrianna to get her to go down for her nap, and the bed was so soft and cozy and the pillow was just sublime and snuggley baby was oh so snuggley....

BUT, I gathered up what will power and strength I had, and did in fact get back up.

And then found my slightly less cozy bed. After setting an alarm, of course, so I would be sure to get to work on time.

But then it turned out that I didn't need it anyways since Kristina's preschool called a little while later to say she was hacking up a lung and could we please come get her or at least appropriately drug her so she stops scaring the other parents with her absolutely horrific sounding cough.

And then I got to surprise my mother, who was meeting me at Target for child handing-off, with BOTH little girls.

I'm sure she was just thrilled.

And then I went to work. Where I kinda regretted not properly dosing up on caffeine before hand, as I was T-I-R-E-D for much of the afternoon and evening.

However, never fear, for now I am home and ready for bed and those three afternoon sodas are totally kicking in.

Which also means, by my amazing and highly lacking of scientific method (or even a calculator) calculations,  I need to be drinking caffeine between 1am and 3am to be properly caffeinated by the time I'm supposed to be back to work in the morning.

Yes, it is going to be a good night, I can feel it.....

And there were Toblerone bars waiting to be thrown away for much of the afternoon. So either our new "save food, give to needy" program still has some kinks, or someone really wanted to test my self control.

Which was just impeccable. And only mostly just because there were other people around whenever I was back by the baler/trash compacter.

I also had the amazing thought on my drive home about how I'm slowly accumulating more red and khaki, and that I'll work at Target for the next year and continue to slowly collect more red and khaki throughout.

And then I'll have the horrible realization that I have NOTHING to wear that's not red and khaki when I try to dress for a non-Target job.

Yep. Scary nightmare, I know.

OH! And I got an email today from someone wanting me to link to their patriotic apparel website in exchange for a free tshirt. I'm not morally opposed to this, but need to be bribed better (I *REALLY* like My Little Ponies, hint hint Hasbro...) and to receive slightly less spammy seeming emails about it.

In conclusion, Stair Guarding Cat is watching you. Meow.

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  1. Okay. Y'all throw away Toblerone? Nooooooo.....