Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cottonwood Farm Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend was beautiful.

There was the perfect amount of autumn warmth and Colorado sunshine and blue skies galore.

(You know, in stark contrast to the snow we had the weekend prior or are forecasted to have again in a few days.)

So I thought it would be the perfect day to take the girls to go get some pumpkins.

Which was exactly the same thought as every other family in Boulder County had.

But a throng of cars pulling into an already overflowing farm parking lot did not deter us from our great pumpkin quest!

This particular farm was not one we had been to before, but was fairly convenient and open when we wanted to go, so it seemed worth a shot. The website didn't make it look exceptionally grandiose, but lets face it, my oldest is 4... as long as it has a cow, couple hay bales and a few chickens running around it will totally count as a successful farm visit.

And we going were there for pumpkins anyways, not farm animals.

Ok, so even Adrianna wasn't all THAT impressed by the livestock... 

But the hay bale maze was fun for a few minutes! 

And Kristina thought posing with this was hilarious. I was slightly disappointed they didn't put a whole on the cat's head so Adrianna could be in it too, although whether I could have logistically even pulled off getting both of them to do it at the same time by myself is also very questionable.

And then, after a quick hay ride of which there are no pictures as I was too busy attempting to keep my children from leaping off of hay bales to simultaneously be working the camera (biggest downside of always doing these things alone. Well, that and not having an extra set of arms to carry the immeasurable amount of stuff that always comes along), we made it to the pumpkin patch!

After some carefully surveying the pumpkins,both girls picked one out and loaded into the little wagons the farm had for just this purpose. After I informed Kristina that I was not going to be pulling her, Adrianna, and the pumpkins back to the other side of the farm, she insisted on pulling the sister-and-pumpkin filled wagon the whole way herself.

And what happened to the pumpkins after we got them home? Well, Kristina balked at the idea of carving hers into a jack-o-lantern, and really wanted to just carry it around with her where ever she went in the house, so they've been hanging out on the front porch since.

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  1. Looks like a fun day!

    Maybe you could paint the pumpkins or use those things sort of like Mr. Potato head to push into them. I also saw at Walmart just Friday night a box of stuff like glitter & stickers & ribbon to decorate pumpkins with!