Friday, October 28, 2011

Friending Coworkers

I have managed to track down some of my coworkers (at least most of the ones I like) on facebook, and today I had the glorious realization of why that is such a good thing to do.

Today had been a long day at work (we'll just sum it up with those in charge keep getting annoyed at me for not successfully completing the work of three or four people and that makes me sad, because otherwise this will turn into another long whine about how working at the bottom of retail kinda sucks, and that actually wasn't what I wanted to write about just now), and I posted a probably-not-going-to-get-me-fired-for-it facebook status update conveying that general sentiment.

And my coworkers commented on it!!

(You have no idea how much that made me want to dance around throwing confetti and singing the theme song from Friends.)

And it was a truly lovely mix of genuinely heartfelt encouragement and sarcastic references to tomorrow's less than appealing forecast.

(No really, we have spending forecasts (aka goals) done up through some magical inner workers of the large Target corporation that predict each day's sales a week ahead of time.)

So that was a really awesome thing for me.

And admittedly, it's also about all I have going new friendship wise, as I have yet to do anything with anyone from work outside of work. 

(You know, friendship through the computer, just like how I maintain ALL my friends...)

However, I still wonder how long before one of them notices this little blog.

(Obviously none of them have done a very good job of internet stalking me yet, since the link is totally posted on my info page.)

Because although I don't have any real concern with the coworkers I'm facebook friends with having any reaction besides finding it humorous or uninteresting, the staff at that store gossip worse than the grape vine feed at a small liberal arts college.

Which means it'd be a pretty safe better that if I ever wrote anything actually remarkable about working at Target, it would quickly be being remarked on by all of the workers of Target.

And that makes me nervous.

Not because I have big plans to write horrible things that really shouldn't be written, but because so much of the store operates on various (and often strange or irrational seeming to me) codes of business ethics.

Like, I can't friend the Executives on facebook. Or rather, when I do try to friend them they apologize and tell me they can't be facebook friends with me because they're my high up bosses.

(And then they get cranky at me for explaining how the Target employee hierarchy works exactly like a generic class system when they put me on the spot at Huddle, and want me to rephrase it in the nice Target branded Teamspeak.) 

((And those of you who just got that George Orwell reference are my new favorites.))

So I'm pretty sure somewhere in there (like the pretty-sure-because-I-read-it-in-the-newest-employee-manual sort of pretty sure....) a rule exists against Target employees blogging about working at Target.

But I'm similarly pretty sure a remarkably similar rule exists against making facebook status updates about having a crappy day working at Target as well. And so far so good on that one!


  1. i feel ya! i (hopefully successfully) had to remove any hint of where i work from my blog because some coward decided that something i said regarding a personal situation w/ a friend who is also a co-worker was inappropriate. the friend who is also a co-worker did not have an issue. instead of this person coming to me and maybe asking about it, they made a complaint anonymously & i was "inquired after" - didn't get in trouble but had to EXPLAIN myself. about my blog. which was created and written on my personal time. :| and didn't even mention where i worked or have anything to DO w/ work. AND, the ppl who were inquiring after it base on the anonymous complaint? NEVER ACTUALLY READ THE POST IN QUESTION!

    wow that's a novel. sorry! that is just my hot button topic - ppl should be able to write/say whatever they want about where they work w/o getting into trouble, w/ the exception of threats, of course. : )

    hope you're having a good weekend!!

  2. I can't blog about my job, my issues, or my clients. I will, on occasion, write about generic situations but take care not to name anyone. It's too bad, too, because I'm totally kicking someone's ass right now.