Saturday, October 8, 2011

Improving Business

It was recently announced at daily blood clot meeting huddle that the Boulder Target store was starting a new program for all it's damaged food merchandise.

(You know, the stuff like the chocolate cupcake I stole from the forgotten trash cans.)

So from now on, things like crackers and bread (and cupcakes) at the their expiration date and dented/damaged label canned goods will be going to the Boulder food bank, where they will then make the deciding call as to whether that particular loaf of bread (or cupcake) is still of reasonable quality to serve to their patrons.

I think it's both awesome, and something that they should have started at least 10 years ago.

But hey, now there will be less waste for the corporation, more community involvement, and maybe even a sliver of connection to me genuinely helping people.

Also, I have no idea how much stuff already gets pulled from the shelves (as I don't work in market) that would fall into the "still perfectly good food just not of great quality for selling at Target" category, but I have low personal morals and would not be overly opposed to "accidentally" denting a few (hundred) cans of soup should there ever be a shortage. And I kinda suspect there's a couple of people who actually work in market who just might be of the same mindset as me.

Yep, those punk Target employees sure have been getting clumsy with the canned goods these days.

(You're welcome, people taking meals at the Boulder food bank.)

Very unrelated side note: Blogger hasn't been letting me upload pictures today, which is why there is no dented can illustration with this post, and why the big long post I had been working on for much of the evening about what we did last weekend (it involved a talking salamander and rocking out on some drums with the band) isn't up yet. Because it NEEDS the pictures, while this one can survive without.


  1. Hey, I can't believe they weren't doing this before. What a great idea.

  2. That's awesome. I know they're not doing this here yet, because I recently read a rant by a Target customer. Here's to hoping it spreads.