Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leafing Crazy

The mountain towns have many seasons of tourists.

There are the summer ones who are all about the hiking and camping.

Some are real outdoor die hards, who will voluntarily spend a week or two scaling mountains, sleeping on rocks, and eating nothing but pine needles and scant amounts of beef jerky.

Some are more rational human beings, and like to spend a few days at a campground conveniently located next to their car and well stocked with things like air mattresses and s'mores fixings.

And then some have no idea what camping is, and will set up a tent merely on the edge of a mountain highway.

(There's a reason there are "no camping in canyon" signs all over the place.)

Then we have the winter ski tourists. These ones are heaviest in the spring, when the biggest dumpings of snow come.

These ones split up more by economic class, as skiing and snowboarding are expensive hobbies. And yet, many who live here live to do them.

And then we have the fall tourists.

These are the ones that like to things like go for a mountain drive to look at the leaves.


Ok, the mountains are always kinda pretty, and the golden aspens do add a seasonally unique (and very short lived) flavor to it.

But really, the excuse of "looking at the leaves" is just a stupid one. Colorado doesn't have LEAVES, New York and the rest of the East Coast have LEAVES (believe me, I know, I spent two falls raking them).

Too bad nobody listens to me about these important matters....

But it's ok, because the weekend following the en mass appearance of annoying leaf looking tourists brought snow.

Good bye fall, lets bring on the winter!


Side note: all three photographs are from my drive home from work. So sometimes commuting really isn't half bad, at least in the views department.

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  1. The mid-Atlantic really knows how to put on a good fall show. But I never remember to bring my camera.