Sunday, October 30, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Bossy Photographer

One of Kristina's most coveted special privileges is getting to take the occasional picture with my camera, and remarkably she sometimes even manages a fairly successful photograph.

However, in recent times she has gotten increasingly dictatorial in composing her shots.

"Mommy I want to take a picture of you. With Gramma. Gramma go stand with mommy. No, stand closer to Mommy. Now hug. Everybody say hippopotamus! Say HIPPOPOTAMUS!!! Mommy, you're not saying hippopotamus. Now smile. No no Gramma, a nice smile. Say LASAGNA! Mommy you have to say lasagna for me to take the picture! Don't stop hugging. Gramma stay there!! I'm trying to take your picture! NOW EVERYBODY SMILE!"

Yep, I can't imagine where she gets it from.....


Kristina photography, unedited.


  1. i love when kids take awesome photos! : ) that's a good one!