Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mexicans Make Good Sandwiches

I have some coworkers who grew up bi-culturally, where the family really was most definitely Mexican in every possible sense (except for the detail of living in the US), but they also went through the public school system and as adults now are very capable and comfortable navigating the mainstream American culture.

And they continually blow me away with their bilingual skills. Instances like where one will stop mid-sentence with me and turn to say hello to their family walking through Target in Spanish without the slightest pause, and then turn right back to me and continue our conversation in English.

They also have conversations with each other that are fascinating, where one will be talking in Spanish and the other answering in English, and they keep going back and forth like that for 10 minutes or more.

(And I sometimes I really do start to wonder if they even notice that they're speaking different languages to each other.)

But they also take the idea of sandwiches to a whole different level.

Today at lunch, several coworkers and I were remarking on the sandwich one had brought.

It really was a fairly impressive sandwich, the sort of thing you'd get as an overpriced lunch entree from a decent small restaurant, piled high with thick cuts of meat and various assortment of produce and condiments between mega pieces of bread.

I mentioned that another coworker had been making a fairly epic sandwich last week in the breakroom, where he had gotten a loaf of bread, lunch meat, cheese, and then all sorts of things I would have never thought to buy, like a jar of jalapeno slices and an avocado, and was sitting there busily constructing a sandwich more intricate than most of my dinners.

Another coworker said that she thought it was a cultural thing they grew up with, because breakroom sandwich constructor's sister (who also works at Target) ALSO makes really awesome sandwiches.

And then the initial sandwich guy started talking about the superior (and highly secretive) quality of Mexican bread, and although I might not appreciate jalapenos on my sandwich, I DO hold good bread in very high regard and most certainly appreciate the difference good bread makes to a sandwich.

Thus the lunchtime conversation concluded that Mexicans make awesome sandwiches.

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  1. sandwiches are some of my favorite meals. mine are usually not that elaborate, tho. *laugh*