Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winter is Expensive

I arrived home from work yesterday to have my father inform me that my car had an appointment to get it's snow tires put on today for the suddenly forecasted dumping tomorrow.

At which point I realized I needed to get my children set on their winter gear. Like, last week.


But never fear, Amazon Prime shipping specials are here!!

And snow boots for both of them will be showing up tomorrow. Hopefully before the snow. Or at least before there's enough snow that they can't leave the house without them.

Yay! I feel like super mommy!!

Oh wait, they need mittens too? And new hats? And snowpants? And Kristina will need a new jacket before the winter is out??


That's a lot of winter gear.

And buying the good stuff (you know, the stuff that might actually BE waterproof and marginally warm) costs a lot of money. I found some great mittens for them over at LLBean... that cost $22.50 a piece. For MITTENS!! You know, those thing that undoubtedly at least one of will probably be lost (and therefore need to be replaced) before the winter is even done! And the only reason the snow boots weren't truly ridiculous was Amazon has some sort of promotion going on at the moment that took off $20 from my order (I haven't figured out what it was yet... my guess would be either a two pair deal or buying over a set price point, but still something to look into should you need to go buy a couple pairs of winter boots today too).

And I get to look forward to this every fall!!


Living where there's winter is expensive with kids.

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  1. I live in Northern Virginia, just outside of DC, so some years we have winter and some years we have a cold fall that goes directly into an ice storm then a cold spring. But I grew up in Alaska and the Pacific NW and always make sure the kids are outfitted for winter. because I love spending a bajillion dollars for winter gear that gathers dust.