Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adrianna's Tea Party

Some little girls have pretty pink tea sets and serve all their friends (real and imaginary) from dainty little cups.

Adrianna is more of the improvising sort, and is happy to make due with what she has on hand for playing tea party.

Even if it makes it more of a beer party.....

She carefully got everything ready.

And served some snacks.

She invited her friends.

And then they partied it up!

I would like to give credit to whichever cousin made the comment of "Ah look, Adrianna's having a tea party" which then served for inspiration for this post, but I, very unfortunately, do not remember who that was....


  1. teehee! when i was little, my grandpa & i would play "bar" w/ these cute little glass bottles. same concept, right? too cute!!