Friday, November 25, 2011

The Blue Bandaid of Shame

Working at Target comes with many hazards.

The backroom regularly uses forklifts and the person-riding version of a forklift called the wave.

The store is often full of people, an ever moving landscape of obstacles to stir around while pushing out tubs of merchandise.

And there's always the slight possibility of something like an armed robbery happening. 

But by far, the biggest concern is my own personal box cutter.

I use it constantly, opening boxes of stuff, removing packaging, twirling it through my fingers when I'm bored.

And then, every so often, tragedy strikes.... and I LOOSE my box cutter.

And tracking down a new one can be a challenge.

We used to have a stash of them with the rest of the instocks stuff (like our stickers!!), but then they quickly dispersed after the unfortunate lose of our instocks drawer.

However, the backroom guys like me reasonably well, and usually do take pity on me when I beg pathetically enough for a new box cutter and help me track one down.

My latest requisition was an old holder, but refurbished just for me with a shiny brand new cutting blade. 

And that sucker was SHARP.

By far, noticeably sharper than any I had previously used. I was slicing through the cardboard boxes like nobody's business instead of just managing to split the tape.

And it was pretty awesome.

Until 45 minutes later when I gauged my thumb open.

My bloody thumb and I went to the backroom first aid kit in search of bandaids, of which there were none, although I was asked by half a dozen people as to what did I do and why would I do that to my rather noticeably bloody thumb during my search.

The first aid kit lacked bandaids, but it DID contain gauzy pads which provided some slight help to the gushing blood situation as I made my way from the backroom to the human resources office on the front side of the store, where I ultimately discovered that they, too, were out of bandaids.

But never fear, for I had been told that guest services often has a good stash of fun ones from packages that get opened or destroyed and can't be sold.

However, that day even guest services did not have bandaids, from the floor OR in their first aid kit.

So I set about tracking down one of the uniformed security guards, as they are the ones who are responsible for team member safety (and, incidentally, stocking the first aid kits), to make the very pathetic request of him to get me a bandaid.

He ushered my back to the security office, where he proceeded to break into a ineffectively locked cabinet where the bandaids were kept.

(What, did you think the security guys would have keys?)

A spritz of disinfectant, quick pat dry, and then the all important blue bandaid of shame was expertly applied.

And then I had the pleasure of tracking down security guys for the next 4 days to obtain new bandaids, as it is amazing how many things you touch with the side of your thumb and how much doing that hurts with a still gaping flesh wound.

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  1. LOL wait, FOUR days? so, after discovering that EVERYONE was out of bandaids in the first aid kits... NO ONE restocked them? *shocky face* am thinking there would be some thumb *ahem* finger waving there...