Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clever Girl

Putting on her own shoes at 21 months.
Adrianna is a very clever little one.

She can (and regularly does) put her own shoes on when asked.

Kristina only does that about 50% of the time, and she's nearly twice as old!

When Adrianna gets up instead of going to sleep at bedtime, she sneaks out of her room stealthily shutting the door behind her, so there have been several occasions where I didn't even notice she was quietly playing in the corner of the family room after assuming that the shut bedroom door and quiet on the baby monitor meant all little girls were peacefully sleeping. A few nights back when I caught her doing that and sent her back to bed, she then cracked the door and stuck her doll out. After suppressing a giggle, I told her to get back into bed and she yanked the doll back into the room and shut the door.

Adrianna insists that the balls for her pounding tower get put into the correctly matching hole, and will squawk loudly at you in indignation if you put the pink ball in the orange spot.

(Although this rule does not, however, appear to apply to non-ball items....)

She also likes to play with blocks by sorting them by color and size, and will make little rows of them in this manner.

Clever, clever girl.


  1. Sounds like she'll end up eating her M&Ms and Skittles by sorting first (like me). Perhaps you have a future engineer!

  2. Impressive!! I like organized girls. Good for her!

  3. Oh good! I'm glad someone else's child does this too! Noah even sorts his veggies before he eats them. First peas, then corn, then carrots...