Sunday, November 6, 2011

Growing Up Digital

I sometimes wonder what opinions the girls are forming of the world around them with the state of technology.

I know it really won't be THAT long before I'm seriously looking at getting Kristina a cell phone, and that the only reason they don't already get to play on an Ipad is my personal lack of having been given one.

(Or like, have enough disposable income at my disposal to just go buy one myself.)

But it's not their assumed inherent entitlement to constant email access (or is that just me?) that I wonder about. No no, I wonder about how they view outdated technology.

Today Kristina found an old VHS copy of Cinderella and wanted to watch it. As we have yet to obtain that particular Disney princess production on DVD (I know, my children are sooo deprived), her Cinderella viewing has been limited to when we visit her cousin Grace.

So I agreed to put it on for her, under the conditionals of not being sure whether the tape itself OR the old VCR would actually work, since we've had some issues in the past when I've tried to put on old movies.

(Something about 25 years of dust and being banged about, I think....)

But everything seemed as though it was in reasonably working order, I just needed to rewind the tape.

And in addition to attempting to explain how VHS tapes work and subsequently what I was doing, after my initial answer of "I just need to rewind it first" was met with a blank stare, I also had to listen to her laments (and let me assure you, no one laments the hardships of life as well as a dramatic preschooler) of how it was taking for-freaking-ever to get Cinderella back the beginning.

Of course, I listen to my parents stories of using punch cards to operate computers in slight disbelief, so I suppose this is all just a part of the circle of technology.

I can't wait until my grandchildren start talking about how archaically quaint Kindles are.

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  1. I kinda already think Kindles are archaic. I mean, some aren't even in COLOR!! Are they from the 50's or something?