Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Did It

Today was my 8th day of opening at work in a row.

Today was also the day my Team Leader (that would be my direct boss, for those still unfamiliar with Teamspeak) returned from being on vacation for the past 8 days.

And as a combined result of those first two things, today was also the last day of me apprehensively being temporarily left in charge of Instocks (that would be my particular job department within the store).

And I must admit, I was not sad to see my TL return.

The past week really has been a long one.

The first few days were filled with some seriously short staffed issues on my team (like, we had less than half of the usual number of team members sort of short staffing), followed by extremely busy high sales days over the weekend nicely sprinkled with a little extra stress from the higher ups.

There was a huge snow storm, a night of the girls (and me) alternating between puking and shitting diarrhea every 20 minutes, and a very serious moment somewhere about Sunday where I honestly could NOT tell you why I hadn't quite already in there as well.

And then, there was a change Monday.

I do not know what caused it, as at that point I had reached a high level of apathy and certainly wasn't trying any harder than the past days (and lets just be honest here, I was probably even trying less so than normal).

But on Monday other people thought I was doing good.

I received Great Team cards (those would be little slips of paper with notes to the gist of "thanks for being awesome" that are given to Target employees by fellow Target employees in an effort to recognize and reward exceptional hard work) from several of the higher ups that day, including one from the top store manager, as well as a $5 thank you gift card for consistently responding to a rather excessive number of back up calls to cashier on the check out lanes.
My choice of $20

Today, my Executive Team Lead (that would be my direct bosses boss) told me he had recognized me for being a top preforming team member for the month of October, mentioned potential future development including tossing out the idea of me hypothetically becoming a team leader myself at some point if I wanted to, and said that with that recognition I get $20 to spend as I will.

And then my TL (aka boss) showed up, and after several hours of scrutiny, me giving a detailed report about how the week went, and discussion with assorted other Target personal, he conceded that I did a good job as I was leaving today.

My drive out of the Target parking lot today was filled with nothing but the exhilarated  feeling of accomplishment.

I did it!

Ok, I'm not actually sure what, exactly, I did besides survive, but I DID!!

And tomorrow morning I do NOT go to work, which is about equally exciting at this point.


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on your recognition for being awesome!

  2. Congratulations! You rocked those InStocks!

  3. It's always nice to get a pat on the back. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!