Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Inner Dialog Over My Lack of Blogging

Hey Marty, did you see how many days it's been since your last blog post? 

I know I know, I totally need to do one.

Why don't you get your lazy bum around to finishing that Halloween one you started weeks ago?

I... um....... 

Or the one about the long article blaming your parents' for you feeling like working at Target is beneath you?

I did like that article....

Or those half-a-dozen web comics you've been hoarding for when you needed back up blogging material?

But.... that seems so... cheap....

Or all those cute pictures you took of the girls at the children's museum last weekend?

Uh.... crap, I still need to look at those.....

Or the random idiomatic stories from work? Don't you have several of those floating around? 

Yeah.... there's even a few pictures I took to go along waiting to be uploaded....

Or about being on the board for Kristina's preschool? 

Well.... sometimes the board is kinda... boring.......

Or even the divorce stuff? You NEVER write about that! 

No..... I guess I don't......

And what about next week, when you're GOING ON VACATION? Have you gotten blog posts written to cover for that yet either??

I'm sorry, I just haven't felt like writing blog posts the past few days.

Oh, is that all? Ok then. I suppose it's ok to not try to force yourself to do something that's supposed to just be a fun hobby anyways. 



Thank you.

But don't start doing it on a regular basis! 

Yes ma'am.

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  1. Oo, oo! Your "working at Target feels beneath me" comment reminded me of this article:

    Hope you enjoy! While I would enjoy more Marty-blogging, it is far more important to me that you keep yourself sane(ish) and take care of yourself.