Saturday, November 19, 2011

Latest WOW

The WOW children's museum is a local (and by local, I really just mean less than a two hour drive from us) children's museum we visit from time to time. It's just a hair closer than the big children's museum in Denver, and it has a few other slight perks.

Like being cheaper. In addition to the kids' ticket prices just being substantially less, the WOW museum doesn't charge for adults (which I personally think is something ALL kids attractions should start doing).

It's also smaller. You may not immediately understand why that's a perk, until you spend a morning being one person with multiple children to keep an eye on, and then the smaller the space for them to split up in, the better.

Inside the bubble maker.

The pirate ship is Kristina's favorite.

Adrianna prefers the car. But only if she can sit on the floor.

Magnet table.

Teamwork! Kristina is scared of heights and Adrianna lacks the dextority to work the pulleys.

The world orbits around the sun, apparently, and NOT my children.

Hoist the colors!! I was so proud of her choice of flag.

We need an indoor sandbox at our house.

Fancy gown time.

Adrianna was so surprised each time the train came back around.

Dinner, anyone? The chefs have been busy...


  1. i love museums, especially hands-on ones. looks like lots of fun was had!! : )

  2. I love the WoW museum! I think it is such a neat place. Glad you guys had fun!