Saturday, November 26, 2011

Matching Cousins: Fall 2011

Remember the ever important matching cousins outfits? You know, the same deal I did last spring, but this time with ALL the cousins?

Yeah, I thought it was pretty awesome.

This time went a little better, as I was much more on top of sensing when the moment was right to do the photo opt and seizing it.

Note the better color contrast on the white couch piece
I have to admit, the location was not my venue of choice, but I was outvoted on claims of better lighting because the windows wouldn't be in the background.

However, if that's the plan in the future, we're rearranging furniture so they're either on the floor or on a large enough neutral colored couch (two sides of the room in which this happened have a very nice for photo opts sectional couch which was already broken down and rearranged to fit the tables, a few chunks can totally make over to the non-windowed wall), because the too-small-busy-pattern long-since-dead-cat-clawed fainting couch just isn't doing it for me.

I have admit, I did drop the ball a little on properly conveying what I was doing outfit wise to all the other parents ahead of time (and not even for a good reason, but just because I was lazy and subsequently a bad communicator), so I'm sorry about that and will make sure to do better for future gatherings.

You know, assuming they *let* me continue to do this for future gatherings.....

(Pretty please??)

I do think most people liked the outfits, and I did keep other people's color tastes in mind when selecting stuff (aka, notice how the girls aren't in overwhelming pink? you're welcome). However, some raised questions about the boys' rugby shirts.... and I suppose I should confess I have no idea what a rugby shirt is (removable collar? what???), and picked these solely on color and price point. And I totally skimped out on getting pants for the boys. Because boys pants are boring, and it's not like they don't already have numorous pairs of basic pants.


I'll get them hair bows too little hats or something next time.


  1. According to Wikipedia, rugby shirts are basically like polo shirts but with stiffer collars. It also looks like it is common for the collar to be white, no matter what color(s) the shirt itself is.

    Thanks for organizing the cute pics! I definitely like the shirts you picked out (and couldn't care less about the pants). Sorry for changing my little guy out of his so quickly, but he seemed to be getting too warm in it. It will be great as our weather cools down again, though.