Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sisters in October

So I would just like to point out, in slight defense to my nearly two year old having a pacifier firmly planted in her mouth for nearly every picture, that she did have a string of ear infections this month that we had trouble getting cleared up and thus wasn't feeling her greatest rather often. And that we're working on her not having it all the time now that she's feeling better. Or at least limiting her usage to bedtime, car rides, and when she won't stop making that really annoying screeching noise. 


  1. awww, they're so cute & look like they had a fun month! : ) and meh to the paci - it makes her feel better & she's not in kdg yet. : )

  2. yeah, pacifier usage or non-usage at almost two is sooo not a big deal. Only thing is, she better not try to take Maya's when we see you! ;)