Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thoughts on Humanity

A few things have happened today to make me think about humanity.

I was commenting to my mother this morning about how I regularly pick up fairly ridiculous amounts of drinks left around Target during my shifts.

I had assumed that people were either clueless, and simply were unaware of the existence of regularly spaced trashcans throughout the store. Or that they were VERY clueless, and just didn't realize that other people would have to clean up the mess they left behind.
It's called a trashcan. You should use it.

But then my mother made a comment about how, maybe, they just don't care.

Wait, they would be aware of a of trashcan 10 feet away AND that them leaving their now empty Starbucks cup on the shelf is kinda a pain for employees.... and they would do it anyways??

God damn.

Apparently I'm much more understanding of people just being stupid ignorant, because someone doing that while being fully informed and of reasonable intelligence just makes them seem like real jerks.

When I was leaving work today, the coworker parked next to me asked if I could jump his car.

I said of course. After all, the old Subie left me relying on the kindness and help of roommates, classmates, and even complete strangers on more than one occasion. Helping someone else that way seemed like the only reasonable course of action to take.

But then, as he was hooking up the cables, he commented that he had asked like 3 or 4 other people before I came along, and they were all like "nooooooo.....".

Which truly boggles my mind.

It took less than five minutes, all I did was pop the hood and turn on my car, why on earth would somebody be like "nah, don't think I can" to that?

Unless, of course, they're actually just jerks.....

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  1. People, as a whole, are jerks. It's sad. Thankfully, there are still nice ppl out there!