Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Trip to the American Girl Store

This trip was set in motion by several factors not directly relating to us at all.

You see, Kristina's second cousin Quinn has a birthday just a week before Thanksgiving every year.

This year, the family had just arrived in the DC area from their present home in Nicaragua, and celebrated Quinn's birthday (well, one of the times they celebrated Quinn's birthday) with a small party while they were staying at Aunt Leslie's house.

Apparently there had been some discussion between Aunt Leslie and Quinn's mommy LauraJean about what would be a good present for her 4th birthday, and the consensus had finally settled on a set of Bitty Baby Twins.

So Aunt Leslie set off to the American Girl Store to procure them the day beforehand.

However, there were some stock issues (namely, the store didn't have what exactly they had decided she should get in stock right then), and then some long and involved phone calls trying to reach various family members to consult on what would be a good solution to this problem.

But finally, Aunt Leslie decided to get Quinn one of the American Girls of Today dolls that looked just like her.

Presumably it was a big hit with Quinn, although I don't think anyone ever got to the part in the story where she was given the doll, so I couldn't say for sure.

However, a few days later we showed up.

And Aunt Leslie looked over my few month older Kristina, and decided that if Quinn was old enough for an American Girl doll, so was Kristina.

Choosing a Kristina doll.
And off we set for the American Girl Store!

Alright, I'll admit it, I adore the dolls myself and had a VERY beloved Kirsten doll myself back in the day (ok, she may still sitting on a shelf in my room), and thus am incredibly weak when someone aks "Would it be alright if I bought your child this American Girl doll?" and will only ever be able to answer "YES!!" even if I should at least consider making attempts at politely declining... and add in the temptation of actually getting to go the American Girl Store, of which I'd never been but always wanted to go......... lets just say it took every ounce of maturity for me not to want to get one for myself, anything more was simply unattainable. Sorry.

But getting back to the store....

Although I have spent countless hours over the last 20 years meticulously pouring over the beautiful pictures in the American Girl catalogs, and undoubtedly had their entire inventory memorized at different times, I had never seen the collection displayed in person like they have it in the store. They have hundreds of dolls set up in museum cases, adorably arranged to showcase the different outfits and accessories.

And it was a place I could have happily spent several several hours merely gazing at all the pretty wonders.

Kristina was well prepped for the adventure, with much discussion about how there would only be one special doll picked out and the like. However, one little detail was overlooked in the adventure planning....

This is mine.

Or rather, Adrianna's strong love for all things DOLL despite her little age.

The moment we walked into the store she lunged for the nearest glass display case shouting "MINE!"

And so she continued "mining" all the dolls we passed as we followed the focused and excited Aunt Leslie and Kristina through the historical doll section and downstairs to the American Girl of Today/Bitty Baby land.

As is this.
At which point Adrianna was in 7th heaven, since the Bitty Baby's weren't cased and were displayed right at small child height to play with, while Kristina set about the important task of picking out her new doll.

The girl's cousin Aerik and his parents were also along for the ride, and although Aerik is but a few months older than Adrianna, he did not seem nearly as inclined towards the dolls and spent the time in the store riding up and down the escalator with his daddy.

(See: Sometimes boys and girls are different. Even when they're little.)

And these. They are also mine.
And then, Kristina came over dragging a very conspicuous red bag nearly as big as she was while grinning ear to ear, and it was time to go.

Which meant I had to extract all the wonderful dolls from Adrianna's grasp and drag her out of what she undoubtly viewed as the best store in the world.

(She IS my little girl, after all.)

And although there was some objection, she actually didn't put up as much of a fuss as I was anticipating (not that I would have had to carry toddler Kristina out of the store screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs the whole way..... *ahem*), which helped to decrease my personal level of parental guilt for not having accordingly planned on getting her a new doll as well.

And Kristina has been adoring her 'Kristina' doll, and even insisting I style her and her doll's hair the same they can look EXACTLY alike.

After all, she does know the importance of matching

So our very warmest thanks, Aunt Leslie. I'm know the experience and the doll will be treasured and well loved for MANY years to come. 

Successful shopping trip.
Matching pigtail bows.

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  1. If I weren't two weeks behind, I would have known you were in town and could have waved at you as I drove back and forth to work.

    I have a bitty baby on my Christmas list. It's the only way I will ever have a daughter.