Friday, November 18, 2011

Yep, Still Awesome

Remember my post about my boss's boss thinking I was totally awesome at work?

Well, it seems to be the theme of the month, as I've gotten officially recognized (by which I mean told to go pick out stuff to be requisitioned (essentially bought by Target) for me) twice more since then along with receiving several $5 gift cards and free trips to Starbucks from assorted personal for doing various good things around the store.

However, it's the most recent recognition that I got today that I'm REALLY digging.

So, the Price Change Team Leader recognized me as her pick for top store performer for... something. Week? Month?? See, they just kinda assumed that I understood how all this works when I actually don't. But I feel really stupid asking for clarification as to what exactly they're saying I'm awesome for while they are telling me to go pick out something like a DVD as a reward.

(And now we have Despicable Me.)

But anyways, this particular recognition also includes being put up on the awesome board of awesomeness for the first time.

(Ok, that's probably not it's real name, as it's way too un-Teamspeak-ish, but that's what I've always thought of it as.)

And the Team Lead who recognized me as her pick of being totally awesome for the awesome board of awesomeness is also inclined towards creativity!!

Many of those recognized are done so by simply scrawling a name on a sticky note. But no, she went above and beyond, and made mine on a raincheck!


My team are the ones who make all the rainchecks for the store as part of our job! I have stacks of the raincheck pads sitting in my bathroom, on my nightstand, tossed in my purse. The only thing I use more in my daily work is my box cutter. So her using a raincheck as a base is so freaking cool!! 

(Ok, I'm a dweeb, lets just accept it and move on.)

But THEN, it gets even better! She used sparkly stickers to spell out my name AND added 3d decorative gems!!!!!

Isn't that unbelievably cool?!? I have the overwhelming urge to recognize her for her awesome recognition of me now.

ME! on the awesome board of awesomeness

A side note: I did feel rather stupid blocking out the names on the board as Target employees are required to wear name-tags clearly stating those exact names, but I was specifically told NO NAMES on blogging about Target (well, I may have also been told preferably no blogging about working for Target at all, but we'll overlook that little detail right now), so there are no names. Well, besides mine. In glittery stickers! I hope they let me take it home, instead of just throwing it away whenever it changes again. Because I still think it's an unbelievably awesome way to be recognized on the awesome board of awesomeness.


  1. Wooo, I bow to you on the awesome board of awesomeness! Congrats!

  2. How wonderful, Marty!

    You do realize I have to do price changes at the crafts store, right? The only thing is I do them all by myself.

    I gasped when I read you all work as a group. No wonder why I can never catch up!

    Lucky you in more ways than one!