Friday, December 30, 2011

Grandma's Stockings

(Whaddayamean it's a week after Christmas and I was supposed to get this post blogged about in something like a timely just before Christmas manner? Psssh, what sort of expectations do you have of me, people?! Besides, at the rate I'm going you'll probably get the blog post covering Christmas morning itself about St. Patrick's day or so.....) 

Once upon a time, my mother spent the first two years of my life making me the biggest and best personalized Christmas stocking in the world.

And then she spent all the following years going to great pains to fill it for me every Christmas morning.

She decided she needed to make one for Kristina as well, when Kristina came along.

However, cross-stitch patterns had changed a bit in the last 22 years, and Kristina's stocking ended up being one of the biggest challenges (and then achievements) of my mother's sewing career.

The detail and craftsmanship in it is just phenomenal, with intricate shading and sparkly threads and teeny tiny berry beads sewn on.

And then Adrianna entered the picture, and of course needed a personalized stocking of her own as well.

So this Christmas we had all three of them up for the first time, and it made for an incredibly sweet family collection which will grace our home every holiday season for MANY years to come.

(Even if they have to be placed high up on the wall to avoid potential from children and/or cats.)


  1. Thought of you this morning when I read the NYT article that the Frozen Dead Guy festival will stay in Nederland. Hey, I've heard of that!