Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Great Furniture Escapade, pt 1

Remember last March when I spent a weekend flying out to our house in upstate New York to pack up a sizable portion of household goods into storage pods to then ship across the country and into a storage facility in Denver?

Yeah, I don't really remember much about doing it either.

Although apparently I wrote one two three blog posts on the subject. Now if only I had included a snippet about what we did with the tv remote somewhere in there, they would actually be USEFUL records of the event. 

Back shortly before Thanksgiving, my parents brought about that nice little dose of reality that had been lacking in all my furniture decisions up to that point.

You know, the one pivoting on how I wasn't moving out of their basement any time soon. 


It's ok, I'm only a highly independent 26 year old adult with two children who got accustomed to having my own real house to live in....


Once I finally stopped denying that one, I was in full agreement that continuing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to store my stuff was stupid wasteful.

Thus we came up with the brilliantest of brilliant plans: Unpack ALL the things!!

It proved more complicated than originally anticipated.

Apparently, a detail I had overlooked (or been so convinced at it's irrelevance at the time that it didn't register) in the initial storage-unit-obtainment-process was that the shipping company would only deliver from trucks to Nederland, and NOT drop the storage pods up here.


Ok, all I have to do is rent a Uhaul, recruit some friends, drive to wherever the main storage facility is somewhere in the metro Denver area, unpack the storage pods, load it all into the truck, drive to Nederland (several hours away from Denver), unpack the truck and return it, and move all the furniture into the basement.

In like, 6 hours. Because otherwise some serious "what do I do with my children??" issues start coming up.


But wait, another brilliant idea! Lets have the pods dropped in BOULDER, for that is a mere 45 minutes away from my parents' house and if nothing else will save a few Uhaul dollars and several hours of drive time.

Now where could I put them in Boulder....

Peter's Aunt&Uncle's residence? Eh, their street is kinda narrow and steep, not ideal for working with a large truck, and I wouldn't want to take up their driveway like that for a few days.

Coworker's offered apartment complex in downtown? Well, at least it probably wouldn't be the weirdest thing that's ever happened moving wise in that parking lot thanks to college students, but I don't even know where it is much less have any idea about how stuff could fit in it.


*strokes imaginary goatee thoughtfully*

I know!! I could stick them in TARGET'S parking lot!!!

Large, spacious, easy to maneuver trucks in, comes well stocked with coworkers to recruit for heavy lifting, everyone knows where it is. Yep. Can't think of a better space, definitely an excellent idea if I do say so myself.

Except for the soon-to-be-realized part where it wasn't.

To be continued....


  1. Oh my...yes, this doesn't seem like the best idea I've ever heard... waiting to find out what happened.