Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Cards

Christmas cards may not be happening this year.

The holiday picture and accompanying two page letter of our life updates was a VERY big deal Kristina's first Christmas.
Kristina and I assembling Christmas cards 2007

Our family Christmas Card picture was taken in October, I spent quite a bit of time selecting the proper paper to write the stupidly long weird sounding third person year summary on, and had everything in the mail December first, swearing I would do this every year for infinity.

Kristina's second Christmas found the family pictures to still be important and much thought was given to the "we just moved to Oklahoma so lets dress super western" outfits, but there was no letter and they didn't get into the mail as early as I wanted.

Kristina's third Christmas and Adrianna's first found us on fast dissolving ground as a family, as the decision to divorce had already been made and plans for the girls and I driving across the country the beginning of January were already in place, so there were no photo studio family portraits. I did attempt a picture of the girls in matching dresses standing by the Christmas tree to send out, but it was a pretty epic posed picture failure and ultimately I just wasn't in the place to care beyond that.

And then there's this year..... as it's already December 5th and I have yet to get us into a portrait studio, I'm certainly pushing it on that possibility even existing any more. I had all sorts of big ideas throughout the last 6 months, and really liked the looks of matching pink family sweaters or plaid and lace Christmas pajamas for me and the girls. But budgets this year have not been friendly for buying family outfits or getting lots of pictures taken, and time is scarce, and my personal levels of motivation for this (or like, anything....) just aren't up very high this year.

It's not been the greatest year to want to reflect on, and writing that cheesy generic Christmas letter just seems... depressingly pointless?

If people want to know what we have done and how we have grown over the past year, it's all right here for them to read. Days and weeks and months are all documented through stories and pictures and videos, in an open access internet forum that anyone can look at should they so choose. If people care, they read it, and if they don't care enough to do so why should I care enough to send them the cliff notes version?

I am kinda sad professional pictures haven't happened yet (it's been a year and a half since our last portrait studio visit). But sometimes there's only so much caring I can give life, and things like never-ending financial/divorce issues to deal with have just continued to suck it all out of me.

Figuring out how to make family pajamas in a portrait studio happen is sadly beyond me today.


  1. ya know, since having a blog, that's kinda how i feel about the whole "updating ppl" thing. do you have a computer with internet? then you can pretty much find out how i'm doing. if you don't want to, that's fine, but i'm not spending 49 cents to tell you. *laugh* (i do send snail mail, just not yearly update letters!) : )

    also, be your own studio for the family picture! *grin* you can do it!!

  2. My cards have been ordered and delivered (using pics of the Dynamic Duo from the spring photo shoot). The way things are going, probably no letter. And I need to address them dammit!