Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Sleepover at the Stable

This year was Kristina's first time being involved in a church Christmas program.

And I *may* have been looking forward to it for the last 11 months.

However, as I was fully expecting her to be the most adorable little Angel ever, I was a little surprised when she was cast as a Chicken.

Yes, a Chicken.

Yeah, I didn't remember one being particularly prominent in the traditional Christmas story either.

But then I got to watch them practice it, and had the amazing realization that they weren't doing the traditional Christmas play.

The story the kids were doing was the usual Mary-Joseph-noroomattheinn-babyJesusinamanger deal, but it was narrated by the motley crew of animals that ended up in the stables.

And Kristina's role as a Chicken had her paired with an older child-as-Chicken, where she mimiced everything he said in an incredibly adorable comic relief way.

It also ensured that she didn't have to remember any lines or timing for doing anything besides parroting (chickening??) her poultry partner.

And it was very, very cute.

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