Saturday, December 10, 2011

Swords, Keyboards, and My Little Pony

I got my furniture out of storage yesterday.

And the guys that helped out were rather amazed by the diversity of Marty's hobbies, as they pulled out a sword and fighting staff, keyboard and music books, and a few My Little Pony items.

Which I think just shows that I'm a pretty rockin' well rounded person.

(Liberal Arts FTW!)

The process of dealing with the furniture and storage situation ended up being long and complicated and far more of a pain to do than it should have been.

But it is done.

And I am tired.

And life is busy.

And I will be attempting to put things in order for the next year.

And the energy and motivation for blogging just isn't here right now.

But, please be distracted by this less-well-known-but-still-really-awesome Christmas carol that I happen to adore.

A Soalin by Peter Paul and Mary, circa 1963

Also, I feel as though this is important and worthy of more commentary and connected to this song, but the further analysis just isn't there in my head tonight.  But please feel free to do your own and post it in the comments!

xkcd: Tradition

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