Saturday, December 24, 2011

Up on the Housetop

I still couldn't coax my children to preform a Christmas song for the blog.

However, Kristina's preschool teachers had much more success on that front, and created a truly adorable holiday performance of the kiddos.

(Kristina is in the front in the stripped dress with a star on her head for this number.)

((And my apologies for the wiggly video in the middle, Adrianna was grabbing at the camera.....))

Up on the Housetop, as preformed by Over the Rainbow preschool class for their Winter Program 2011

And Adrianna was adorably festive while sporting her pink sequined Santa hat in the audience.

Well, until she wanted to be up on stage with them, and then spent half the performance throwing a loud tantrum over the fact that I wouldn't let her up on stage with the other kids....

She wasn't quite as adorable then.

I also had the realization that Kristina will be graduating preschool at their Spring Program, and that next Christmas it will be Adrianna up on that stage and Kristina sitting in the audience.

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