Friday, December 23, 2011

Vintage Cookies

My mother recently made holiday sugar cookies with the girls.

I knew the cookie cutters she used from my own childhood, but they are in fact much older than that and were my Grandmother's once upon a time.

After making the cookies, my mom commented that she thought these were reaching the point where the needed to be retired.

And I just hope "retired" means I can still keep them (vs. the "retired" that means they get sent to Goodwill). Because they're nothing if not vintagely awesome family heirlooms.

The infamous cookie cutters (Christmas tree, star, bell, and Santa Clause), in front of their latest batch of delicious sugar cookies. 

The Christmas trees are still my yummy favorite after all these years. Although that might just be because they're also the biggest.....


  1. I have a set of those exact cookie cutters!! And I have the gingerbread man with the pointy head, too. They're my favorite!

  2. Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about the gingerbread man one! I know he existed when I was little, so he's probably still *somewhere*.....