Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almost Code Yellow

A "Code Yellow" is called out at Target when a child is lost, and all the team members on the sales floor begin the search for the missing offspring.

However, some team members can be a bit abusive of that Code calling privileged.

Yesterday I briefly stopped by Target with the girls, and as no stop by Target with the girls is complete without a visit to the toy section, we most certainly found ourselves visiting the toy section.

I was greatly enjoying the various team members who happened to be moving around the huge piles of toy clearance right then (which goes to 70% Thursday morning, in case anyone needs more plastic in their house) as it provided me people to chat with while Kristina poked away at the little kiddo video game demos and Adrianna made all the princess dolls make out with Ken.

(Yeah, totally not kidding there about that last part.)

And then there was a moment where Kristina was asking me something about an electronic toy, and my attention was briefly focused on locating the "on" button.

And Adrianna darted off around the corner.

My coworkers were very amused by my few moments of slight panic until I found her three aisles over honking away on a bike horn, and thought that calling out a Code Yellow about Marty losing her kids would be quite funny.

But see, I didn't actually LOSE them. Temporarily misplaced one, yes, but that is different from one being truly lost.

And a truly lost child isn't that funny at all.

It's a small percentage of my coworkers who have children, and as a result that is a subtle detail missed by them.

Although, I would also argue that it's very hard to truly lose a child inside Target.

It's a large store, but the space is still finite, and the employees know it (and the where-to-find-lost-children hotspots) well. The front doors are the very first things monitored when a Code Yellow goes out, if the child was to leave the store it would have to be immediately after being misplaced and before the Code was initiated.

There are at least 20 employees on the floor at any given time, all of whom should scoop up a small wondering-alone child and bring them up to Guest Services, and that's without a Code Yellow.

Adrianna was misplaced. I found her in less than 60 seconds (with no help from my heckling coworkers, I might add). I have never seen a Code Yellow last more than 5 minutes before someone locates the missing child.

It is hard to truly lose a child in Target. 

However, the temporary misplacing of children (and spouses and friends.....) is a common affair.

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  1. Batman, Robin, and I found a lost little girl a few weeks ago. We tried to find a red shirt for a shout out and not a single person to be found. Finally hauled her to electronics and got some sub-contractor to find a staffer to call security. Sheesh. Seriously, it would have been just as easy to call the cops.